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Company are worked in following areas:

  • Mining and processing of coal,  semi-coke and pyrolysis coal products manufacturing. Providing consumers the coal of appropriate quality.
  • Coal supply - energy and coking coal, anthracite, PCI coal, from Russia and South Africa mined.
  • Monitoring the quality of the ISO standards. Observance of environmental norms coal of delivered.
  • Freight forwarding, logistics, handling of coal of Azov and Black Sea ports, Baltic and Far East ports.
  • Gasification of far objects - settlements, townships, enterprises and factories.



  • Contribute to the development of coal industry and coal processing, seek to use advanced technologies.


  • Implementation of long-term coal supply and sustainable schemes of interaction with customers;
  • Continuous improvement of technology and business processes; Acquisition of own coal deposits, entering the market with its own product extraction and processing.


  • Attracting investments for the development and increase the resource base of the company and capitalization, due to the acquisition of coal assets;
  • Coal mining in view of economic expediency and competitiveness, using modern and advanced technologies and innovation;
  • Development of and access to global markets;
  • Optimization of logistical problems, by purchasing railway wagons and port berths for product transshipment.


 RuTEK provide the following additional services:

We involve investors on long term for projects in the mining sector. We have the projects that will allow increase capital and ensure a stable profit.

Representing the interests on Russian territory for foreign companies for investments in the Russian mining and metals industries, as well as fuel industry and petrochemicals.

Assistance and participation in the search and acquisition of investment-attractive assets in the mining, metallurgical, petrochemical industries in Russia.